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ST-Tape Netting

Manufactured from Hostalen Strip. An alternative to the well established higher quality products of the range and especially designed where the demands are lower.

ST-Mono Netting

Manufactured with monofilament threads. Our premium product which has been established over 22 years and which meets the highest specifications. Recommended by growers for the strong tensile strength, problem free running on automatic packaging machines and high frost resistance. The wide diamond mesh construction lets the tree to breath and will let water into the packed tree, which is important for longer term storage. We guarantee the highest possible output with the lowest waste.

LZ-Tape Netting

Manufactured from Hostalen Strip. A strong quality product which is either useable for automatic packaging or on hand packaging machines. A small mesh construction guarantees perfect transport protection for the top branches of the tree because of a very light packaging. Recommended for the well known Nordmann pines.

Available in sleeves or bales.

Christmas tree netting